You have the legal right to choose the shop of your choice to repair your vehicle. Don’s Body Shop works directly with all insurance companies, and we possess the training and state of the art equipment to safely and efficiently repair even the most sophisticated vehicles.
Just bring the estimate to Don’s Body Shop. We honor all insurance estimates, regardless of amount. We will work directly with the insurance company to document all damages and restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Remember, estimates are just starting points, and changes to them can be made once the vehicle is disassembled and all related damages can be seen.
No. There is no law requiring you to get more than one estimate. You only need one estimate from the place you want your vehicle repaired. If the insurance company wants a second estimate, they can send their own appraiser to look at the vehicle.
Differences in repair estimates are common. Our estimators write their estimates looking at all visible damage, and will also advise if they believe there may be any additional damage found upon disassembly. Estimates can be written with different types of replacement parts (OEM, Aftermarket, Recycled). Some estimators may leave visible damage off the initial estimate in order to be the lowest estimate, then will supplement the repairs when the vehicle is brought in. If you would like to know why two estimates are different, our estimators will take the time to review both estimates with you to inform you of the differences so you can decide which repair plan is best for your situation.
Never drive a vehicle that may be unsafe. Your safety is worth much more than the cost of a tow, and most insurance policies have coverage for towing. Call Don’s Body Shop and we will have your vehicle towed to our safe and secure lot. If you need a tow after hours, call our 24-hour tow line at 913-782-9256.
Yes, our technicians are trained on an on-going basis in proper repair and safety techniques for repairing hybrid vehicles. We follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines to ensure your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.
It varies depending on circumstances, such as the extent of the damage, availability of parts, and your insurance company’s timeliness. We provide you with an estimated time of completion after we have fully disassembled your vehicle.
Yes, upon completion of the repairs we will provide you with your warranty paperwork, which states that all repairs are warranties for as long as you own your vehicle. We do not offer a warranty on rust repair.
Generally we do not repair rust on vehicles. It is rarely cost effective and beneficial for our customer. If we complete a surface rust repair, the rust will always come back in a matter of time. To properly repair rust, we must cut out the rusted sheet metal and weld in a new piece. This is a timely and expensive process. Once rust appears in one area of a vehicle, it usually will start rusting in other areas shortly after. Since rust returns, we do not offer a warranty for rust repair.
      You have the right to choose a repair shop to fix your vehicle. Once you’ve informed the insurance representative that you’ve selected a repair facility, it’s illegal for them to try to influence you to take it somewhere else. Don’t let your insurance company use these scare tactics to steer you to the shop of its choice…
      • The shop you choose is not on our list
      • We can’t guarantee the repairs if your vehicle is repaired at the shop you choose
      • Your repairs could be delayed if you don’t use the shops on our list
      • You may be responsible for additional costs if repaired at the shop you choose
      You have the right to have your vehicle repaired to its pre-accident condition. Your insurance company is required to assume all costs necessary to repair your vehicle to the way it was before it was damaged.
      You should consult with the collision repair professional of your choice to determine the appropriate repair plan for your vehicle. Collision repair professionals have the knowledge and technical expertise to know which parts, materials, and repair procedures are necessary for the proper and safe repair of your vehicle. Armed with this information, you will be in a better position to make sure you receive what you’re entitled to-by law-from your insurance company.